The Scots Tattoo Handbook

Have you ever wondered what “auld lang syne” really means? Perhaps you want to incorporate your clan motto into a tattoo design, but you’re not quite sure what the words mean? This handbook, written by a Scots language expert in Scotland, will steer you right! The book will appeal to anyone who loves Scottish accents and culture. Featuring advice on how to incorporate Scots words into a tattoo design that honours and supports the culture, language, and speakers; a brief history and description of the Scots language; and a glossary of authentic Scots words and phrases suitable for tattoos.


ISBN: 978-1-988747-22-4
Format: Paperback, 5 x 8 inches, 100 pages
Retail price: $14.99 CDN | $11.99 US | £7.99 UK
Publication date: May 2020

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