New Books

An Cat Coigreach

Pangur's family has moved from Switzerland to Stornoway, and now he's just a foreign cat. He runs away in search of home, but how will he make it without friends and family?

An Rós Fiáin

An Irish-language graphic novel featuring a translation of the indy comic book series Wild Rose, a tale of love and revenge in 1790s Ireland and London.

A’ Chearc Bheag Ruadh

The Little Red Hen wants to make bread, but will anyone help her? In a Gaelic translation that's great for learners.

Catastrophe at the Christmas Ceilidh

Kate the Highland dancer is excited to perform her first solo in the Christmas Ceilidh. But as she waits her turn backstage, she starts to fear a catastrophe...

Cridhe ’s Anam / Heart & Soul

Catrìona NicÌomhair Parsons’ poems transport us from her upbringing in the Isle of Lewis to North America and New Zealand, with a focus on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia where she has made her home.

Disaster at the Highland Games

Kate loves Highland dance classes, but she doesn't love to practice. Now she's competing at the Highland Games...everything will be fine, right?


In this graphic novel, tales of revenge, redemption, harm and healing play out in ocean, fen, and forest, in castle and city street.

Lisette of Louisbourg

12-year-old Lisette barely escapes with her life when the convent burns down. When she has the chance to leave France behind, she jumps at the chance.

Lugh and the Fortress of the Gods

When Lugh of the Long Arm grew up, he went to the fortress of the gods on the Hill of Tara to take his place there. But would any of his skills be enough for them to let him in?

Mòr-thubaist aig na Geamannan Gàidhealach

In the Gaelic translation of Disaster at the Highland Games, by award-winning Atlantic Canadian author Riel Nason, a Highland dancer's misstep sets off a hilarious chain of events across the whole Highland Games.

Na Trì Mathain

The Scottish Gaelic translation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, from the translator of Beatrix Potter: perfect for Gaelic learners of all ages.

Na Trì Mucan Beaga

The Scottish Gaelic translation of The Three Little Pigs, from the translator of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: perfect for Gaelic learners of all ages.