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Gaelic graphic novelist Angus MacLeod interviewed

Gaelic graphic novelist Angus MacLeod interviewed

Angus MacLeod, the artist and writer behind the new Scottish Gaelic graphic novel Ás a' Chamhanaich, spoke with journalists recently about his collection of original stories. "To put it into a genre is really difficult because the stories are just whatever stories came to me," MacLeod told CBC Mainstreet. "A lot of them have their roots in older Gaelic stories and creatures from Gaelic mythology." Read & listen to Angus's interview with CBC Mainstreet. The Cape Breton Post also covered the publication of Ás a' Chamhanaich. Reporter Elizabeth Patterson caught up with MacLeod recently. She wrote about the process he used to create his stories: "But instead of snacks, Gaelic teacher Angus MacLeod, 63, keeps his favourite card stock, India ink and a thin brush nearby. While he watches...

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