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Gaelic Resources for Nova Scotia Teachers

Gaelic Resources for Nova Scotia Teachers

Bradan Press has been busy creating Gaelic resources for Nova Scotia educators! Here is the full list of our Gaelic books currently available from the Nova Scotia School Book Bureau. We'll continue to update this list as new books are published and approved. Click on each title below to learn more.   Gaelic Resources in English NSSBB # 1004775 - G is for Gael : An Alphabet of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic Culture (paperback, 2020)An alphabet book focusing on the Scottish Gaelic langauge and culture of Nova Scotia. Each letter of the English alphabet features a corresponding English word that relates to an aspect of Gaelic culture, an explanation of the concept or story behind the word, the equivalent word in Scottish Gaelic ... NSSBB # 2400248 - Bodkin Beag and Bodkin Mòr (English,...

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