Bradan Press Author Writes Gaelic Nativity Play

Oct 3, 2020 | Author News, Childrens, Education

That controlled chaos of a children’s holiday pageant? It’s one of the most heartwarming things. Bradan Press Author Dr. Emily McEwan is inclined to agree. That’s probably why she wrote a Gaelic Nativity.
It can be hard to include your children in Gaelic events, as many are geared towards adults. But a children’s nativity play is a great way to get them involved! Whether you’re putting it on at church, your local community centre, in your classroom, or just at home in your living room for fun, it can be a heartwarming, fun way to get your children involved in Gaelic.
On Dr. Emily McEwan’s blog, Gaelic.Co, you can find the script, some small advice on how to put on the play (and keep the costs down in the process,) and some signs that will make it easy to follow along. The best part? It’s all free! Click here to go directly to the blog post.

If you put on Dr. Emily McEwan’s nativity, make sure to tag Bradan Press (@BradanPress) and Dr. Emily McEwan (DrEmilyMcEwan) on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, we would love to see it!