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Sep 17, 2020 | Tattoo Books

Tattoos can be a way to connect to your heritage, to remember family or friends, to connect to an important moment. In some cases, they’re just fun or interesting. But where language is involved, you usually want to get the words just right. So when a tattoo is in another language? It’s daunting. How can you be sure you’re getting it right? Does “An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas” mean “Always in my heart” or “May I go to the toilet?”
Using the Tattoo Handbooks, you can learn how to incorporate other languages into a tattoo design that honours the language you’re utilizing. As we continue to expand this collection, more opportunities open for beautiful tattoos in a language that matters to you!
Not interested in tattoos, but still searching for the right word? These handbooks are perfect for crafts as well. Whether you’re cross-stitching or resin casting, we’ve got your back.
Available in Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, and Irish Gaelic, The Tattoo Handbook Collection features hundreds of authentic words, phrases, and sayings, as well as illustrations of real-life tattoos gone wrong and tips on how to craft the perfect design for your tattoo, gift, artwork, or jewellery.
Now available in three languages, our Tattoo Handbook Collection continues to grow and help you find the perfect tattoo.

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Think Before You Ink with the Bradan Press Tattoo Handbook Collection