G is for Gael: Coming in French!

Aug 17, 2020 | Childrens, Education, New Books

​Q is for Question

One of the first questions Gaels ask when they meet a friend is “Ciamar a tea the?” [KIH-mar uh HAH oo], How are you? One might answer “Glè math!” [GLAY VAH], Very good! Ceist [KAYSHT] is the Gaelic word for question.

Q Comme question

L’une des premières questions que les Gaëls posent lorsqu’ils rencontrent un ami est << Ciamar a tha thu? >> [QUIH-mar ah HAH ou] ou << comment vas-tu? >> Une rèsponse à cette question pourrait être <<Glè mhath! >> [GLÈ VAH] ou << très bien! >> Ceist [QUAI-ISHT] est le mot gaèlque pour << question>>.



We invite you to explore our culture through G IS FOR GAEL (May 2020) and G COMME GAËL (Sep. 2020)! Written by teacher Shelayne Hanson and illustrated by Etta Moffatt, these books are for children, teachers, parents, caregivers, picture book fans, Gaelic students, and everyone who wants to learn or teach about Nova Scotia’s Gaelic language and culture!


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