Happy World Book Day – Celebrate G is for Gael!

Apr 23, 2020 | Book Launch, Childrens

On World Book Day, we are pleased to announce the newest Bradan Press book—G is for Gael: An Alphabet of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic Culture, written by Shelayne Hanson and illustrated by Etta Moffatt.

A is for Ancestor. The Gaelic word for ancestor is “sinnsear.” This children’s picture book, written in English with Gaelic vocabulary words and phrases, is a first step for children, teachers, parents, and caregivers to understand and connect with Gaelic history, culture, and identity in Nova Scotia. Through joyful illustrations and creative concepts, readers will have the opportunity to explore and celebrate what it means to be a Gael.

The book will be published in May 2020. We’ll update you all soon with local preorder links! More information is available on the book’s webpage:



G is for Gael: An Alphabet of Nova Scotia's Gaelic Culture book cover

G is for Gael: An Alphabet of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic Culture by Shelayne Hanson, illustrated by Etta Moffatt