The Irish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook is coming in May 2017!

Feb 11, 2017 | New Books, Nonfiction

The Irish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook - Coming in May 2017

We are proud to announce the first Bradan Press book of 2017: The Irish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook! Written by a fluent Irish speaker, this book will appeal to anyone who loves tattoos, Irish language and culture, or Celtic roots.

The book features illustrations of real-life Irish-language tattoo mistakes, a glossary of nearly 400 authentic Irish Gaelic words, phrases, and sayings suitable for tattoos, inscriptions, jewelry, and crafts, tips on how to find accurate internet translations, and a brief history of the Irish language and information on some of its most interesting features.

This book, a companion volume to The Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook published in 2016, is authored by Audrey Nickel. Audrey is an Irish speaker, teacher, and singer who shares her home near Santa Cruz, CA, with her husband, her daughter, Wiley the Irish-speaking poodle, four harps, and about 40 tin whistles. Follow her writing about the Irish language at her blog, “The Geeky Gaeilgeoir.”

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Audrey Nickel, author of The Irish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook (Bradan Press, 2017)

Audrey Nickel, author of The Irish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook (Bradan Press, 2017)