Halifax Celtic Festival 2022 graphic

Halifax Celtic Fest 2022

Check out the Halifax Celtic Festival 2022 schedule, and Bradan Press's events and activities there ... Read More
Gaelic Month 2022

Gaelic Month 2022: Online Events & Free resources

Our online events and free Gaelic resources for May 2022, Gaelic Month in Nova Scotia ... Read More
Gaelic Reading Series

Gaelic Reading Series

Join us for a series of book readings during World Gaelic Week, featuring children's books, poetry and more ... Read More
Anna Ruadh presented to Green Gables

Anna Ruadh presented to Green Gables

Bradan Press presented the Scottish Gaelic translation of Anne of Green Gables to Green Gables Heritage Place in Prince Edward ... Read More
Angus MacLeod, author and artist of the Gaelic graphic novel Ás a' Chamhanaich

Ás a’ Chamhanaich webinar course with author/artist Angus MacLeod

Explore Gaelic announces Ás a’ Chamhanaich webinars with Gaelic artist/author Angus MacLeod starting Wednesday, January 12, 2022. This post gives ... Read More