Book Launch

Mickey's Gaelic mermaid tale launched in Iona

Mickey’s Gaelic mermaid tale launched in Iona

Luran agus a' Mhaighdeann-mhara and Luran and the Mermaid, two children's books based on a Gaelic story by Mickey MacNeil, ... Read More
Ròs Fiadhaich - a Scottish Gaelic graphic novel

RESCHEDULED: Ròs Fiadhaich Book Launch

The book launch of the Gaelic graphic novel Ròs Fiadhaich (Wild Rose) has been rescheduled to Sat. Oct. 30, 2021, ... Read More
Iain of New Scotland

Book Launch: Iain of New Scotland

Enjoy photos and news from the Iain of New Scotland book launch in Pictou, Nova Scotia ... Read More
Autographed copies of Ás a' Chamhanaich

Ás a’ Chamhanaich: Preorder Autographed Copy!

We are now accepting preorders for autographed copies of Angus MacLeod's new Gaelic graphic novel, Ás a' Chamhanaich! ... Read More
Luran agus a' Mhaighdeann-mhara / Luran and the Mermaid

Book Launch: Luran agus a’ Mhaighdeann-mhara (Luran and the Mermaid)

Featuring a tale as told by Cape Breton Gaelic tradition bearer Mickey “John H.” MacNeil, edited by Dr. Shamus Y ... Read More