Lisette of Louisbourg and Iain of New Scotland

Apr 3, 2024 | New Books, Author News

Book and Author Highlight!

Did you know? One of our newest books, Lisette of Louisbourg, was written by the same author of Iain of New Scotland! Margaret MacKay is a retired teacher living in rural Pictou County whose many creative interests include fibre arts, painting, gardening and photography. Her passion for sharing Nova Scotian history has led her to write the middle-grade novels Iain of New Scotland, set in 1773, and Lisette of Louisbourg, set in 1749.

Front Cover of Iain of New Scotland

Iain of New Scotland is a story about thirteen-year-old Iain Robertson who is homesick for the Highlands of Scotland. It’s September 1773, and he has just arrived in Nova Scotia with his parents and little sister after the long, disastrous, Atlantic voyage of the ship Hector. They wanted a new life in New Scotland—but the land agent lied to them. With no money, no food, no shelter, and winter fast approaching, how will they survive? Author Margaret MacKay of Pictou County, Nova Scotia, draws on the experiences of her ancestors to weave a tale of the first Gaels to settle in Nova Scotia. Suitable for Grades 4 and up, and historical fiction lovers of all ages.

You can also read and listen to an interview with the owner of Bradan Press, Emily McEwan, on the Outlander Podcast HERE.

Lisette of Louisbourg

Lisette of Louisbourg Cover

Lisette of Louisbourg is a story of when the convent where she has been living burns down, twelve-year-old orphan Lisette barely escapes with her life. The nuns think she died in the fire, and Lisette sees a chance to escape the drudgery of lacemaking under a cruel, greedy Mère Supérieure. She sets out alone to find the uncle who left her at the convent when she was six, yet things don’t go quite as she planned. When an opportunity arises to escape her troubles in France and start a new life at the Fortress of Louisbourg, clever and resourceful Lisette jumps at the chance. But is someone following her?

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