Spring 2024 Cover Reveal

Mar 27, 2024 | New Books

Today we’re revealing FOUR covers for our new Spring 2024 titles! Na Trì Mucan Beaga, An Cat Coigreach, Ás an Abhainn Mhóir: English-Gaelic Recipes from Pictou County, and Lisette of Louisbourg. These four books can now be pre-ordered from our site and previewed as well! You can also keep scrolling to read more about each:

Once there were three little pigs who left their mama to build new houses of their own. The first little pig built a house with straw, and the second little pig built a house with gorse twigs, but the Big Bad Wolf blew them down and ate up the little pigs! The third little pig built a house with bricks, and the Big Bad Wolf couldn’t blow it down. So he started playing tricks on the third little pig in order to catch him and eat him—but the pig was just as cunning as the wolf! Who will emerge victorious, and who will be eaten? A third fairytale translation with charming vintage illustrations, from the creator of Na Trì Mathain and A’ Chearc Bheag Ruadh.

An Cat Coigreach

Pangur is a black cat living happily with his family in Bern, a beautiful city in Switzerland – until they decide to return to Scotland. Pangur doesn’t believe in the land of fairies, and he doesn’t believe in Scotland either! But now he is a foreign cat in Stornoway in the Isle of Lewis, and the other cats are not being kind to him. Pangur decides to leave the island and return to Bern. Surely his family will return too when the autumn storms start…won’t they? Follow Pangur’s adventures across the country, escaping from one danger after the next, until he learns the importance of friends and family.

Ás an Abhainn Mhóir: English-Gaelic Recipes from Pictou County

This bilingual cookbook contains over 50 recipes both modern and traditional, in English and Scottish Gaelic, from Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Interspersed with the recipes are traditional Gaelic proverbs, tales, and songs, along with photos of the region’s natural beauty and Gaelic cultural heritage. The contents are presented in a bilingual format with English on one side and Gaelic on the facing page. “Ás an Abhainn Mhóir” means “From the Big River.” An t-Abhainn Mhór, the Big River, is what Gaels in Pictou County call the East River.

Lisette of Louisbourg

When the convent where she has been living burns down, twelve-year-old orphan Lisette barely escapes with her life. The nuns think she died in the fire, and Lisette sees a chance to escape the drudgery of lacemaking under a cruel, greedy Mère Supérieure. She sets out alone to find the uncle who left her at the convent when she was six, yet things don’t go quite as she planned. When an opportunity arises to escape her troubles in France and start a new life at the Fortress of Louisbourg, clever and resourceful Lisette jumps at the chance. But is someone following her?

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