Burn’s Night Poem

Jan 25, 2024 | Poetry

Bradan Press would like to wish you a happy Robert Burns night! Celebrate poetry with us with some Robert Burns today. We are visiting Scotland this week and for Robert Burns Day we were able to snap a few photos of his poetry books translated into Gaelic at the Gaelic Books Council which are below. Along with this we have a poem in Scots to share with you; “The poem to a Louse”, was written in 1786 in Burns’s favourite meter, Standard Habbie.

Ha! whaur ye gaun, ye crowlin ferlie? Your impudence protects you sairly; I canna say but ye strunt rarely, Owre gauze and lace; Tho’, faith! I fear ye dine but sparely On sic a place …

If you’re looking for more Gaelic poetry to read and learn, please visit our website here to view our 5 different poetry books. We also have an audiobook available for Ràithean airson Sireadh / Seasons for Seeking so that you are also able to listen to the poetry as well.

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