Final Kickstarter Update and Holiday Vending

Dec 13, 2023 | Holiday, Crowdfunding

An Rós Fiáin Kickstarter Update

Yesterday and today we’re shipping books (backer rewards and add-ons) to our Canadian backers! This is the final set of books going out at the post office! By now, all of you should have received your books, or a shipping notification email, and/or an email with the link to your e-book(s). Many thanks to our supporters in Canada, the USA, Ireland, the UK, Belgium, and the Czech Republic!

The only folks who haven’t received either their books or a shipping notification are a few who haven’t responded to the backer survey yet.

If you missed the survey email on Nov. 9-10, we’ve been trying to reach you—but all of our emails are probably going to your spam folder. Please log in to the Kickstarter website to see our messages about how to claim your rewards.

If you were unable to back our Kickstarter but would like your own copy of An Rós Fiáin, you can now order the paperback via multiple options on our website!

Holiday Shipping Deadline

Our 2023 holiday shipping deadline was December 11. Any orders placed by then have been shipped and will be received by December 24! We are shipping orders placed after this date as soon as possible (next-day or even same-day when we can manage it), and so far Canada Post has been doing really well, but that could change at any moment. So orders placed from December 12 onward cannot be guaranteed to be delivered by December 21 or 24. Thank you for your understanding!

If your order won’t arrive in time and you’d like a holiday-specific printable PDF announcing your gift so that you have something concrete for your holiday gift exchange gathering, drop us a line through the Contact form on our website!

If you absolutely need to have an order arrive before December 24, your best bet right now is Amazon, where all of our books are also available. Visit the list of books on our website for the Amazon links!

Gaelic College Christmas Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend at the Gaelic College Christmas weekend, December 8–10, 2023! We so enjoyed being able to see everyone who was there and share our books as well. If you weren’t able to make it this past weekend to see Bradan Press, our books are always available through our website.

Here are some photos from the weekend:


Mòran taing airson ur cuid taice! / Many thanks for your support!

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