A Sale for Diciadain nam Miann / Wishing Wednesday

Nov 29, 2023 | Sale, Holiday

Holidays are Hard

The holidays are actually hard for so many of us, aren’t they?

Personally I don’t do well with Christmas because my dad died 5 days after Christmas from pancreatic cancer. He passed away when I was 20 and Christmas has never been the same since.

Now that I’m a small business owner, the seasonal affective disorder that looms every year after the fall equinox is even harder to battle, as it descends just when we’re supposed to get on the merry-go-round of nonstop cheerful selling. This year, it’s amid two wars and an ongoing pandemic.

To be honest, Bradan Press doesn’t do well with “Black Friday” online because we’re drowned out by all the big companies with gigantic advertising budgets (not to mention entire marketing departments!).

This year, we didn’t do well with “Small Business Saturday” either, because we were away for 10 hours driving, setting up, and vending at a distant craft fair. It was a gamble we took after we didn’t get accepted to vend at the big fancy craft fair right here in our own city, which we desperately wanted. Although everyone was wonderful at the new craft fair, unfortunately it was very disappointing for sales.

Then came the Sunday, when an elderly family member suddenly tested positive for COVID-19 in an outbreak in their assisted living facility. They developed something similar to a UTI delirium, forgetting how to put in the hearing aid they’ve worn for 40 years. They are profoundly deaf, so this cut us off from communication while we were trying to ascertain their wellbeing, get them to take some cold medicine, and more, all at a heartbreaking distance. The staff were run off their feet dealing with the outbreak overall, and not available to help as much as usual.

On “Cyber Monday” we fared no better, spending the entire day on the phone persuading our family member to put in their hearing aid and take more cold medicine, orchestrating a virtual doctor visit through some big administrative mess-ups, getting a prescription for Paxlovid to a pharmacy that had it, having it delivered by taxi, and ensuring it would be taken properly.

“Giving Tuesday” brought a sudden complication to another family member’s recent surgery, which has caused another layer of work and worry.

Now, it’s Wednesday and almost December, and we haven’t organized a holiday sale. What shall we do? We’ve decided to have a sale and call it “Wishing Wednesday” or “Diciadain nam Miann.” I just made that up, but it sounds nice, doesn’t it?

It could equally be called Diciadain nan Guidhe, though, with our wishes for family members’ restored health, our good wishes and gratitude for all of you, and our wishes for both our small business and our language to survive in this world, where all of the odds are against survival.

Before we give the sale details below, here is our heartfelt holiday wish for everyone:



Diciadain nam Miann / Wishing Wednesday Sale

We’re having a “Diciadain nam Miann / Wishing Wednesday” sale from today until midnight Atlantic time on Wednesday December 6th, just in time to fulfill someone’s wish list. We’re offering 10% off individual books and Gaelic flags, and free shipping on all orders in our USA and Canadian online shops. (Sale does not include gift cards.)

Use the code MIANN at checkout in our USA and Canadian online stores. After entering the coupon code, you have to manually select the free shipping option.

For free shipping on Book Boxes, use the code MIANN-BOCSA. Our Book Boxes don’t qualify for the 10% discount since they are already discounted even more, but they do qualify for the free shipping. You can use both of the coupon codes on the same order. After entering the coupon code, you have to manually select the free shipping option.


Visit Our USA & Canadian Online Shops

Use the coupons in our Canadian or U.S. online shops:

For Canadian customers:

For U.S. customers:


Yes, You Can Combine Coupons!

YES, you can use both coupon codes on the same order!

YES, the coupon codes can be combined with your 20% off coupon for writing an online book review, as long as you send us a screenshot of the review by December 8, 2023! More details here.

YES, if you already placed an order in our U.S. or Canadian online shops in November 2023, we’d be happy to extend this sale to you. Drop us a line to request it!


Outside North America

We’re so sorry we can’t offer this sale outside North America, but we encourage you to support both Bradan Press and Gaelic literature by ordering our books from the Gaelic Books Council shop at gaelicbooks.org.

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