Lugh Cover Reveal and Kickstarter Update

Aug 30, 2023 | Crowdfunding, Childrens, New Books

Lugh and the Fortress of the Gods


Lugh and the Fortress of the Gods Cover Reveal

Today, Bradan Press is revealing the cover of Lugh and the Fortress of the Gods! The book features an Irish myth retold as a participation story with gestures corresponding to action words, making it perfect for reading aloud.

When Lugh of the Long Arm grew up, he went to King Nuada’s fortress on the Hill of Tara to try to take his rightful place among the gods and goddesses there. But when Lugh arrived at the fortress, the guards wouldn’t let him in unless he could prove that he had a unique skill. Lugh had many skills, but would any of them be enough to get him into the fortress of the gods?

This book helps to teach Irish (Gaeilge) language awareness. It contains three versions of the story: the first in English, the second in English with the action words in Irish, and the third entirely in Irish. After children become familiar with the all-English version, the second version with Irish action words can be introduced. The actions are the same in both versions, acting as a bridge from English to Irish. The all-Irish version works well for Irish language learners.

The cover and engaging black-and-white illustrations are by Kyla Williams, the illustrator of Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge.

Preorder the book or learn more on our website.

The Kickstarter campaign for An Rós Fiáin, a graphic novel in Irish

Kickstarter Crowdfunding for An Rós Fiáin, a Graphic Novel in Irish

Bradan Press is running a new crowdfunding campaign for the translation and publishing of An Rós Fiáin, a full-colour graphic novel in Irish. The campaign ends on Sunday, September 10–can you please share it with your friends and post about it on social media to help us out?

An Rós Fiáin re-imagines a haunting Appalachian-Irish murder ballad as a tale of love and revenge set in 1790s Ireland and London. It is the translation of the 6-issue indie comic book series Wild Rose by award-winning Halifax romance novelist Nicola R. White. An Rós Fiáin will be the first Irish-language graphic novel published in Canada! Due to mature themes, it is suitable for ages 15+. The graphic novel is 138 pages and 7 x 10 inches in size.

Kickstarter designated An Ros Fiáin a “Project We Love,” an honour that can’t be requested or applied for…they just bestow it! This is only the second Irish-language project to receive the honour in the history of Kickstarter, and the first in North America:

“Congratulations! We’ve selected An Rós Fiáin: A graphic novel in Irish as a “Project We Love,” which is our way of highlighting brilliant examples of creativity. You’ll see a badge under your main image or project video, and we’ll feature your campaign across Kickstarter.”

An Rós Fiáin is a Kickstarter

Here is the English summary: When Eliza Day is seduced and betrayed by a wealthy English lover, she soon finds out that the restrictive society in which she lives has no place for defiant women who break with convention. With the help of Adam Stone, a free Black man, Eliza has a chance to make a new life for herself after the loss of her innocence – but to do so, she will have to be braver than she could ever have imagined.

We have a Scottish Gaelic translation of this graphic novel already available on our website!

Check out our An Rós Fiáin Kickstarter campaign video, project description, rewards, and more!

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