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Aug 23, 2023 | Crowdfunding, Reviews

We are always busy at Bradan Press and this week is no exception. We have some big news about a brand new Kickstarter and some updates on Amazon reviews!

Kickstarter Crowdfunding for an Irish Graphic Novel

Bradan Press has just launched a new crowdfunding campaign for the translation a publishing of An Rós Fiáin, a full-colour graphic novel in Irish. An Rós Fiáin re-imagines a haunting Appalachian-Irish murder ballad as a tale of love and revenge set in 1790s Ireland and London. It is the translation of the 6-issue indie comic book series Wild Rose by award-winning Halifax romance novelist Nicola R. White. An Rós Fiáin will be the first Irish-language graphic novel published in Canada!

Here’s the English summary: When Eliza Day is seduced and betrayed by a wealthy English lover, she soon finds out that the restrictive society in which she lives has no place for defiant women who break with convention. With the help of Adam Stone, a free Black man, Eliza has a chance to make a new life for herself after the loss of her innocence – but to do so, she will have to be braver than she could ever have imagined. The story is a re-imagining of the American “urban legend” of Eliza Day, which is based on the Appalachian murder ballad “Down in the Willow Garden” (or “Rose Connelly”), which is most likely based on an Irish murder ballad.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign with a video, project description, rewards, and more. Follow our Facebook or Instagram for more!

An Rós Fiáin Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for An Rós Fiáin

Amazon Reviews

For everyone who has read one of our books: if you write an online review on Amazon or GoodReads, and send us a screenshot, we’ll send you a coupon for 20% off a future book purchase in the Bradan Press online shop (USA or Canada). What you have to say in the review is entirely up to you!

You can write a book review on Amazon, even if you didn’t buy the book there! To do that, you need to have an Amazon account and to have spent $50 there in the past 12 months. Details are here.

We’re asking for Amazon reviews because Amazon is a necessary evil for a small indie Canadian publisher. But an Amazon book listing needs at least 10 reviews before Amazon will start suggesting it and helping more customers discover it. After readers discover our books on Amazon, they may decide to order more from an indie bookstore or directly from us. But that can’t happen if they never hear about our books at all!

If you’re not eligible to write an Amazon review or prefer not to, please consider writing a book review at Goodreads instead! Here are instructions for how to write a Goodreads review.

Either way, just send us a screenshot of your review to get a 20% discount coupon good for a book order at the Bradan Press online shop! You can send it through our Facebook page or drop us a quick email through our Contact page to get our email address where you can send your review. What you say in the book review does not affect our offer.

Books that we would especially love to have reviews of include:

Mòran taing airson ur cuid taice! / Many thanks for your support!

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