Bradan Press Book Reviews

Jul 19, 2023 | Reviews

Bradan Press wants your help in leaving book reviews on Amazon and Good Reads! As well as buying our books, you can also REVIEW our books online to help us out. We’re asking all of our readers who have purchased our books to consider writing a quick review of your favourite title on Amazon or GoodReads.

Leaving a review for our books helps us as an independent publisher because it helps other readers like you to find our books! It’s easy for a smaller language like Gaelic to get lost in the crowd online, and book reviews like yours can help more people discover reliable resources for getting into Gaelic!

You can leave a review on either page even if you bought our book in person or through our website. The details of reviewing our books on Amazon are here and you can click here for instructions on how to leave a Good Reads review.


Tapadh leibh | Thank you!