Cover Reveal for Angus MacLeod’s new graphic novel DORSAN

Aug 7, 2022 | Gàidhlig, Graphic Novels

Introducing the cover of Angus MacLeod’s second Gaelic graphic novel Dorsan, coming from Bradan Press in September 2022!

We’re delighted that Atlantic Canadian artist Sandy Carruthers has done the colouring once again on Angus’s cover art, just as he did for Angus’s first graphic novel Ás a’ Chamhanaich.

An apocryphal quote about The Doors which we’ve adapted into Gaelic sums up this graphic novel perfectly: “Tha rudan aithnichte ann…is rudan neo-aithnichte…agus eatorra tha na Dorsan.” (There are things known…and things unknown…and in between [them] are the Doors.)

(The quote is attributed to Jim Morrison, although it was probably drawn from the words of Doors co-founder and keyboardist Ran Manzarek, influenced by William Blake, Aldous Huxley, and Jim Morrison.)