Book Launch: Iain of New Scotland

Sep 29, 2021 | Book Launch, Childrens

On Sunday, September 12, 2021, we celebrated the launch of the new book Iain of New Scotland at the McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre in Pictou, NS. 

Author Margaret MacKay signed books and gave a readings from two different chapters of the book, as part of a celebration by the Ship Hector Descendants Project of the 248th anniversary of the Ship Hector’s landing in Pictou in 1773. The audience also enjoyed some first-rate musical entertainment from local fiddlers. It was a beautiful sunny day, albeit quite windy. Because of this, we didn’t get many photos outdoors…everything was tied down so it wouldn’t blow away!

The book makes mention of the fascinating true story behind an artifact held by the McCulloch House Museum, a large skeleton key to the Inverness jail. The key was brought to Pictou on the Hector by Roderick MacKay, a blacksmith and the brother of the author’s 7th great grandfather. He escaped from the jail and took the key with him. The jail no longer exists, but the key is still in Pictou!

The author is also an artist and crafter, and she displayed an 18th-century Highland costume which she created in miniature (including a knitted and felted bonnet) to represent the main character in the book, Iain.

Iain of New Scotland, with a foreword by Outlander author Diana Gabaldon, makes a great gift for readers aged 9 and up, and historical fiction lovers of all ages. Visit our website for buying options. The book publishing industry has been rocked with supply chain delays, so for this holiday season we strongly encourage you to do your shopping as early as possible!


Roderick MacKay's key to the Inverness jail, McCulloch House Museum, Pictou, NS

Roderick MacKay’s key to the Inverness jail, McCulloch House Museum, Pictou, NS


An 18th-century Highlander's costume in miniature

An 18th-century Highlander’s costume in miniature, made by the author


Margaret MacKay, author of Iain of New Scotland

Margaret MacKay, author of Iain of New Scotland


Iain of New Scotland cover

The cover of Iain of New Scotland