Bradan Press is pleased to announce that the Anna Ruadh Book Launch Cèilidh will also be available to view in the virtual conference space of the L.M. Montgomery Institute of UPEI!

The book was due to be launched at the 2020 L.M. Montgomery and Vision conference, which was cancelled due to the pandemic. Bradan Press congratulates the LMMI staff and conference organizers on the incredibly hard work of “pivoting” and presenting what promises to be an engaging online virtual space!

We are proud for the Anna Ruadh cèilidh to be a part of that, with its celebration of “Sealladh nan Gàidheal,” a vision of Gaels in the Maritimes at the time Anne was first published in 1908.

New offerings will be rolled out each day for the next several days, and will remain online with free public access. If you’re interested in Anne, L.M. Montgomery, or literature in general, we encourage you to check it out!

Here is the LMMI Vision Forum Schedule.

The cèilidh video and other videos will be hosted on the LMMI YouTube channel.