Gaelic NS Month: Essay Collection

May 25, 2020 | Education, New Books, Nonfiction

Happy Gaelic Nova Scotia Month from Bradan Press!

Today we want to share with you a collection of essays from Dr. Emily McEwan, author of our Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook. Gaelic Language Revitalization: Concepts and Challenges contains a collection of essays from McEwan. The chapters focus on a number of interconnected themes, including the intersection of neoliberalism and minority language revitalization; discourses of language death and revival in literature, media, and academia; the intertwining of language ideologies and affective stances in speaking and speaker hood; power and knowledge in the research and representation of minority language communities; and the theoretical frameworks of reversing language shift (RLS) and communities of practice as applied to language revitalization efforts in both Scotland and Nova Scotia.

This collection of essays is suitable for undergraduate and graduate-level courses in multiple fields including linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, Celtic studies, and education.

If you’re interested in seeing this particular collection of essays in your University, you can recommend it to your library to purchase it. We have the form ready for you via the books page on our website.