Happy Gaelic Nova Scotia Month from Bradan Press!

Celebrate Gaelic Nova Scotia Month with your kids by using Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge as a learning tool!

We know that homeschooling is a difficult task for everybody right now. While we don’t have a total fix for the stress, we do have a book that comes with all the pieces that make it perfect for a classroom setting, and it’s approved by the Book Bureau for Nova Scotia schools.

The perfect homeschool lesson, Fionn MacCool is a classroom in a book with a PDF of free teaching resources available on the Bradan Press website as well as a read-aloud demonstration and a Gaelic vocabulary pronunciation video.  Written by Terri M. Roberts, a Nova Scotia educator, this book is tailored toward a wide range of age groups. Following the story of Fionn MacCool in English, you then get to explore the tale with nine Scottish Gaelic words replacing the English words.

Available in both English and French, Fionn MacCool is the perfect book to share with your children. It is educational, fun, and acts as a bridge to introduce Gaelic words and build awareness of the language.

You can purchase Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge from your favourite booksellers!