Happy Gaelic Nova Scotia Month from Bradan Press!

While we share a Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic word on our social media every Wednesday for the month of May, we wanted to share where you can find these words and phrases and more!

Our Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook and Irish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook contain information on the languages and tattoo misspellings as well as a glossary of Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic words and phrases. Whether you’re looking to pick up the odd word or are working on a craft or an upcoming tattoo, our Tattoo Handbook collection, which will be expanding soon to feature the Welsh Tattoo Handbook and the Scots Tattoo Handbook.

Don’t let the name fool you, these books are great for more than just tattoos. Use them to plan out your next cross stitch, embroidery, or knitting project. They’re perfect for finding words and phrases for your crafts!

With Mother’s Day coming up, the Tattoo Handbooks might just be the perfect gift to keep them creating or planning for their next tattoo.