Happy Tartan Day from Bradan Press

Apr 6, 2020 | News

Happy Tartan Day from Bradan Press!

Tartan’s are patterned cloth that consist of criss-crossed bands in multiple colours. Originally made of woven wool, they are now made of a variety of other materials.

In 1746, the Dress Act was put into force as part of the Act of Proscription. This made wearing “the Highland Dress” illegal in Scotland. This act was put into place as part of a series of measures which attempted to bring the warrior clans of Scotland under government control. This law was repealed in 1782, but by that time kilts and tartans had begun to faze out of ordinary Highland wear. Two years later, Highland aristocrats set up the Highland Society of Edinburgh, with other clubs following suit, to promote the use of ancient Highland dress in every day life.

Today, Tartans are embraced by many as an aspect of their culture and family. Many tartans are directly related to particular clans, while some are related to particular regions. In Canada, each province and territory, except for Nunavet, has it’s own regional tartan. With Bradan Press being a company based in Nova Scotia, the graphics at the top and bottom of this blog post contain the Nova Scotia tartan, the first tartan to be officially adopted in 1956, and adopted by law in 1963. However, there is a second tartan that can be found on Nova Scotia: The Cape Breton Island tartan.

While Quebec has a tartan, it is the only provincial tartan in Canada to not be officially recognized and registered in the books of the Court of the Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Scotland.

Canada, in total, has sixteen tartans! Including our National tartan, and the tartan for the ten provinces and the two territories that have tartans, we also have tartans for Labrador and Cape Breton Island. Alberta has both a tartan and a dress tartan, used for formal attire or special events.

Today, we celebrate our provinces, territories, and homeland through regional tartans, and our families near and far through clan tartans. Happy Tartan Day!


Happy Tartan Day