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Happy Valentine’s Day from Bradan Press! As we continue to translate, we’re constantly reminded of an amazing love story: Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.
From the moment she broke that slate over his head, the love story started. We want to show you how to tell your Anne Shirley or Gilbert Blythe you love them.
“Tha gaol agam air _____”
“I love _____” [name]
You can find the pronunciation here. (The website doesn’t always like to link directly, but some properly placed spaces will pop up the pronunciation!)
If you’re looking to express your love of all things Anne, we also have something that might help you out. In our Gaelic translation, Anne is changed to Anna, but it isn’t pronounced how you might think.
You can find the pronunciation here.
Put them both together and you get:
Tha gaol agam air Anna.
or in English, I love Anne.
See you next month with another update, and don’t forget your backers survey!