Happy New Year! Did somebody say “pie”?
Bliadhna mhath ùr dhut! An tuirt cuideigin ‘pàidh’?  We hope you’re recovered from any holiday excesses… because we have some pie for you in our January 2019 project update! (Also, be sure to read ALL the way to the bottom of this e-mail for a very important reminder!)
Alas, what we have for you is not apple pie, just a pie chart illustrating how the Kickstarter campaign funds are being spent on the Anna Ruadh project. Some categories are still estimates, because we haven’t printed and shipped the books yet.

The Anna Ruadh Kickstarter campaign: Where the money is going

The Anna Ruadh Kickstarter campaign: Where the money is going
The green and blue slices are the wonderfulness that you all are helping to make happen! The work is in progress, the books and other rewards will be printed and shipped in June 2020, and we can’t wait!
The red, maroon, and purple slices are the less-fun-but-necessary aspects of a crowdfunding campaign. The red slice is non-optional; Kickstarter takes 5% in fees and another 3% for payment processing fees.
The maroon slice is for the social media advertising that we had to do in order to spread the word about the crowdfunding campaign. The good news is that it also helped spread the word about the book itself, so more people will be aware of the new translation… and of Scottish Gaelic language and culture in general!
Lastly, Bradan Press will owe the purple slice to the government of Canada after we print and ship the rewards. We will have to remit Canadian & provincial sales tax (GST/HST) on the book & merch rewards and shipping fees paid by our Canadian backers, according to which province or territory the rewards are being shipped to. Fortunately, the books themselves are only taxed at 5%. Also, GST/HST does not apply to the pledges made as gifts without a reward. To our wonderful Canadian backers: don’t worry, Bradan Press is eating the GST/HST; we will be paying it out of the Kickstarter funds that we have received, at no additional cost to you. It’s not delicious like a real pie slice, more like Anne’s burnt pie, but we hope you agree the book (and our healthcare) are worth it!  🇨🇦
Response Needed ASAP – Have you sent us your mailing address?
On January 9, we sent you an important e-mail via Kickstarter. The subject line says:
“Response Needed! Get your reward for backing Anna Ruadh: Anne of Green Gables in Gaelic.”
Each and every one of you who backed the Anna Ruadh Kickstarter project in return for a tangible reward needs to find this email, click on the link, and send us your address (and any other info we’ve requested), in order to receive your reward in June!
If you can’t find the e-mail, look in your spam folder for a message that arrived on January 9.
Three-quarters of you have responded to the message already – THANK YOU / TAPADH LEIBH!
It’s ESPECIALLY important for our “Lady Cordelia Fitzgerald” and “Katie Maurice” backers to respond quickly – 13 more of you need to send us your info BY FEBRUARY 14, including your name(s) for the patron list! We need your responses early so the names can be added to the book with adequate time for proofreading.
Kickstarter does allow us to e-mail you directly about your rewards, so if you get a group reminder message from us in the next few weeks, and you’ve already responded, please forgive us.
Gus an ath-mhìos, mòran taing! / Until next month, many thanks!
Bradan Press / Clò a’ Bhradain