Bradan Press 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 4, 2019 | Audiobooks, Childrens, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Tattoo Books

Give the gift of Gaelic this holiday season with Bradan Press.

Bradan Press has you covered this holiday season, with a wide variety of books to gift your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for children’s books, something educational, or poetry, we have you covered in a variety of ways. Do you see something you want for yourself this holiday season? You can let your friends and family know by sharing on social media!

Ràithean airson Sireadh / Seasons for Seeking (Available in audiobook and paperback)

Available in both audiobook and paperback, this collection of poetry follows the Gaelic cultural calendar in Nova Scotia. The poems are written by Sufi mystic and poet Rumi, interpreted by Coleman Barks, and translated into Gaelic by Lewis MacKinnon.
Our audiobook, read aloud by Lewis MacKinnon in a rich baritone, is accompanied by Saeed Foroughi (hammered dulcimer, star, harp, and flute) and Wayne MacIntyre (guitar) to bridge together Persian, Irish, and Scottish traditional and spiritual music with Rumi’s poetry. This audiobook makes a perfect stocking stuffer for the poetry lover in your life.

Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge (Available in English and French)

Available in English and French, this book is the perfect gift for the child, Gaelic-beginner, or teacher in your life! Help them learn Gaelic through a story centred around the boyhood of the mythical hunter-warrior Fionn MacCool, and the tale of the Salmon of Knowledge. Children’s books are a fantastic starting point for anybody learning Scottish Gaelic. Fionn MacCool has a variety of resources for teachers to use in the classroom, as well, making it the perfect gift for your favourite teacher!

The Scottish and Irish Gaelic Tattoo Handbooks

Perfect for the tattoo lover in your life! Nobody wants to walk around with the wrong word tattooed onto them, and the Scottish and Irish Gaelic Tattoo Handbooks are available to help. Learn how to incorporate Irish and Scottish Gaelic words into a tattoo, gift, artwork, or jewelry that honours the Celtic language and culture. It’s the ultimate “think before you ink” guide to Gaelic tattoos!

Adhbhar Ar Sòlais / Cause of Our Joy (Available in paperback)

Adhbhar Ar Sòlais / Cause of Our Joy follows themes of religious faith, childhood memories, and everyday life in Glasgow, Barra, and Uist, and may be the perfect gift for someone who enjoys poetry! This collection is a memoir that allows you to travel through Scotland in poignant and eloquent poetry.

Bhon Phlateau than a’ Chladach (Available in paperback)

Themes include urban culture and landscape of Canada and Scotland. Available only in Scottish Gaelic, this makes it an enriching gift for the Scottish Gaelic speaking, poetry lover in your life!

Play It Like You Sing It: The Shears Collection, Volumes One and Two (Available in paperback)

From Cape Breton piper Barry W. Shears, Shears tells the story of traditional Gaelic piping and the families and individuals who maintained these traditions through history, culture, and images. In Volume Two, Sheers presents bagpipe arrangements and their Gaelic words as they were played and sung in Nova Scotia, accompanied by tune notes and images.
These collections are the perfect gift for the beloved piper in your life, or anybody who loves bagpipe culture and dance music from Nova Scotia.