Ràithean airson Sireadh / Seasons for Seeking is now available on Bandcamp!

In Ràithean airson Sireadh / Seasons for Seeking, you have the opportunity to journey through the Celtic year with the Sufi Mystic Rumi. This culturally rich and diverse audiobook features Nova Scotia poet Lewis MacKinnon’s Scottish Gaelic translations of Rumi’s poetry, accompanied by original poems for the Gaelic seasons and holidays of Nova Scotia. The poems are read aloud by MacKinnon in both Gaelic and English, and intertwine beautifully with Persian, Irish, and Scottish traditional and spiritual melodies played by Saeed Foroughi on the hammered dulcimer, setar, harp, and flute, with Wayne MacIntyre on guitar.

Ràithean airson Sireadh / Seasons for Seeking is available in paperback and on audiobook. The Audiobook is available through CDBaby and Bandcamp.