Teachers, Unit Guiders, and youth activity group leaders: Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge by Terri M. Roberts is now available in both English and French, in both paperback and e-book formats!

More than a book

More than just a book, this “lesson plan in a box” engages students through reading aloud, gesture, and movement, and comes with a variety of free online teachers’ resources: pronunciation and demo videos, activity sheets, and background information that teachers can use to facilitate inquiry-based learning.

The book can be adapted for use in groups at any level from grade primary to high school, and for a range of subject areas including Gaelic, English Language Arts, French Language Arts, Social Studies, and Arts Education (including drama and visual arts).

Fionn MacCool en français

The title of the French version, which just launched last May, is Fionn MacCool et le saumon de la sagesse. The book and teachers’ resource were translated into French by professional translator Melany Close, who is Acadian. See our website for more information and teacher resource download links: https://www.bradanpress.com/fionn_fr

The English version also has its own information page, with links to the free teacher resources: https://www.bradanpress.com/fionn

Approved for the School Book Bureau

Both the English and French versions are now approved for the Nova Scotia School Book Bureau: https://edapps.ednet.ns.ca/nssbb/search_alr.asp. Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge is resource #1003470. We’ll update our website when we have the French resource Book Bureau number. Be sure to search for Fionn with an “o”—the traditional Gaelic spelling—to find it!

Fionn MacCool is currently the only resource approved for the P-6 Gaelic Curriculum, in both English and French!

Also available at Tattletales

Both English and French versions can also be ordered from Tattletales independent bookstore in Dartmouth, NS. Tattletales loves teachers! Visit their website: https://www.bookmanager.com/1173642/?q=h

Demonstration Video

Here’s a read-aloud demonstration video for Fionn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge with a combined Grade Primary/Grade 1 class: