WOW! You did it! So many of you helped us reach our Kickstarter project goal of CAD $15,000 and we are so grateful!


Today we’ve announced a STRETCH GOAL!

After a crowdfunding project reaches the main pledge goal, it’s possible to set an extra fundraising milestone called a “stretch goal” that would allow us to make the project EVEN BETTER!

So, we’ve talked to the cover illustrator and worked out a stretch goal to delight you!

Keep spreading the word

Before we tell you about that, though, we wanted to let you know that “It ain’t over till it’s over!” People can still pledge to the Anna Ruadh project right up until Sunday at midnight Atlantic time!

Any pledges over the $15,000 mark WILL STILL GREATLY BENEFIT THE PROJECT! This project is going to cost more than $15K by the time all is said and done, to be honest. Both the Kickstarter site and the credit card processor take a little cut from our total (8% in all), and although the shipping fees for the rewards are counted by Kickstarter toward our fundraising total, they go entirely towards shipping (not to producing the book).

So every little bit counts towards making the project a success, and we still ask you to spread the word right up until midnight Sunday (Atlantic time)!

Here’s the exciting new stretch goal

If we can raise CAD $2,000 MORE past our original $15,000 goal by the end of Sunday, June 30… the cover illustrator will create original pen-and-ink chapter heading illustrations for the book Anna Ruadh!

If we reach this stretch goal, we’ll also use 2 or 3 of the original illustrations to create new printables for the Digital Art Pack Reward, which every backer at $10+ will be receiving. So everyone who has backed the project already will benefit if we reach the new stretch goal!

Things to keep in mind

Since we’ve reached our original goal, ALL new pledges made by backers at this point will definitely be collected by Kickstarter after the deadline passes, and Kickstarter will make the payment to Bradan Press. This will happen regardless of whether we can make our stretch goal of $2,000 extra.

Even if we don’t reach the stretch goal, the Anna Ruadh translation project is still safe! The book will be created and all rewards will be sent out to backers in June 2020.

Where we stand right now, if everyone who has pledged already could find ONE more person to pledge CAD $8.75 (USD $6.70), we could reach the stretch goal!

Over half of folks who have backed the project are first-time Kickstarter backers—THANK YOU—and you might not know this yet, but if you’re a registered Kickstarter user, you can actually INCREASE YOUR PLEDGE any time before the deadline! Here are instructions for how to do it. Just sayin’!

Mòran taing / Many thanks to every who has pledged and promoted the project — your support means so much to us! You are also helping to support the Gaelic language, Gaelic literature, and Gaelic publishing!

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to keep SPREADING THE NEWS right until the campaign ends!

Kickstarter Stretch Goal for Anna Ruadh: Anne of Green Gables in Gaelic