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On Saturday, May 25, 2019, join us for the launch of the new all-Gaelic poetry collection Bhon Phlateau dhan a’ Chladach: Dàin by Calum L. MacLeòid, in a Facebook livestream! Calum will be reading poems from the book, talking about his writing, and taking questions from the audience via Facebook comments. This event is suitable for Gaelic learners at intermediate level and up and for fluent speakers.

Barrachd fiosrachaidh / More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/285237855528111/

Disathuirne, an 25mh dhen Chèitean, 2019, thigibh còmhla rinn airson an leabhar ùr, Bhon Phlateau dhan a’ Chladach: Dàin le Calum L. MacLeòid, a chur air bhog ann an sruth-beò air Facebook! Bidh Calum a’ leughadh dàin bhon leabhar, a’ bruidhinn air a chuid sgrìobhaidh, agus a’ freagairt ceistean bhuaibh. Tha an tachartas seo freagarrach do luchd-fileanta is luchd-ionnsachaidh aig ìrean adhartach is meadhanach.

UPDATE: The Facebook livestream video has now been posted to YouTube. Watch here: