Encouraging LGBT+ news from Scotland

Encouraging LGBT+ news from Scotland

Two recent newspaper articles convey encouraging news about LGBT+ rights in Scotland, adding to the observations made in Dr. Emily ... Read More
Three events to launch <i>Lus na Tùise / Lavender</i>

Three events to launch Lus na Tùise / Lavender

Here are the details for all three LUS NA TÙISE / LAVENDER launch events, 11-13 November 2016. All three events ... Read More
Ainneamhag / Phoenix - video

Ainneamhag / Phoenix – video

One particular poem from Marcas Mac an Tuairneir's new book Lus na Tùise / Lavender has received some special attention ... Read More
Sgiath / Wing excerpt

Sgiath / Wing – poem excerpt

Bradan Press brings you this poem preview of "Sgiath" (Wing) from Lus na Tùise / Lavender, a volume of new ... Read More
Mòd - poem excerpt

Mòd – poem excerpt

In honour of all competitors in the Royal National Mòd, Bradan Press brings you a poem preview from Lus na ... Read More

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